Press Releases 


July 02,2014
MagIndustries Corp.: Update of the NI 43-101 Technical Report for MagMineral's Mengo Permit Area, Kouilou Region, Republic of Congo
May 16,2014
MagIndustries Announces the Signing of the Loan Agreements Approved at its Special Meeting of Shareholders
May 08,2014
MagIndustries Announces Results of Special Shareholders Meeting
April 02,2014
Amendment to the Potash Investment Agreement Signed by Congolese Cabinet Ministers
February 24,2014
MagIndustries Announces Appointment of Geoff Woo as CFO
January 20,2014
MagIndustries Announces a Pledge of the Balance of its Shares by Evergreen
December 16,2013
MagIndustries Corp.: Environmental and Social Impact Analyses for Loading Terminal, Compaction Plant and Linear Infrastructure Approved by Republic of Congo for the Mengo Project
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November 27,2013
MagIndustries Reports on the Progress of the 1.2 million tpy Mengo Potash Project
November 21,2013
MagIndustries Receives Conditional Funding Commitment from China Development Bank for the Mengo Project
November 14,2013
Update of the NI 43-101 Technical Report for MagMineral's Mengo Permit Area, Kouilou Region, Republic of Congo
October 21,2013
MagIndustries Provides Update on Financing
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July 29,2013
General Contract for the Construction of MagIndustries’ Mengo Potash Project is Now Unconditional
July 18,2013
MagIndustries Hosts Inauguration Ceremony for the Mengo Project
July 11,2013
MagIndustries Signs Construction Engineering Supervision Contract
July 10,2013
MagIndustries Signs Conditional General Contract for the Construction of the Mengo Potash Project
June 26,2013
MagIndustries Announces Resignation of Co-Chief Financial Officer
June 12,2013
First Shipment of Construction Equipment and Materials for the Mengo Project Arrives in Pointe Noire
March 28,2013
NDRC Grants Evergreen Approval to Invest In and Construct Mengo
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March 18,2013
Framework Agreement with General Contractor for the Mengo Potash Project
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March 12,2013
MagIndustries Announces Conversion of Loan with Evergreen Resources Holdings (BVI) Ltd
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February 25,2013
MagIndustries Announces Resignation of Chief Financial Officer
December 21,2012
MagIndustries Announces Pledge of its Shares by Evergreen
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November 29,2012
MagIndustries Announces Changes to Its Board of Directors
November 27,2012
MagIndustries Annonces Termination of AMEROPA Marketing Agreements
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October 16,2012
MagIndustries Announces Signing of Port Facility Design Contract for Mengo Project.
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October 10,2012
MagIndustries Annonces Result of the Special Meeting of Shareholders
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August 22,2012
MagIndustries Announces Extension of Loan Facility with Evergreen
May 14,2012
MagIndustries Announces Resignation of Director
April 04,2012
MagIndustries Announces Signing of Engineering Design Contract for Mengo Project and Exploration Well Drilling
January 19,2012
MagIndustries Announces Resignation of CEO, Reappointment as Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Development
November 21,2011
MagIndustries Announces Final Approval of the Convertibility of the Evergreen Loan and New Executive Appointments
September 23,2011
MagIndustries Announces Changes to Board of Directors
August 23,2011
MagIndustries Announces Financing and Appointment of Additional Officers
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August 09,2011
MagIndustries Corp. Announces Notice of Redemption and Change of Control Offer for its 11% Notes due December 20, 2012
July 29,2011
MagIndustries Corp. Announces Completion of Take-Over Bid by Evergreen Resources Holding (BVI) Ltd. and New Board of Directors
July 19,2011
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July 07,2011
MagIndustries Reminds Shareholders of Tender Deadline
June 29,2011
Results of the Annual General Meeting Now Available
June 09,2011
MagIndustries Announces Mailing of Shareholder Meeting Materials
May 19,2011
Take-Over Bid Circular and Directors' Circular Mailing Commenced in Respect of $0.25 per Share Offer for MagIndustries Corp.
April 20,2011
MagIndustries Enters into Support Agreement with Evergreen Industries Group in Respect of a Proposed $0.25 per Share Cash offer
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April 06,2011
MagIndustries Announces Sale of SNEL Receivable
March 25,2011
Advisory Mandate Renewed with BMO Capital Markets
February 15,2011
MagIndustries announces changes to the Board of Directors
February 11,2011
MagIndustries announces decision of TSC Capital Ltd. not to proceed with subscription for units
December 21,2010
MagIndustries Announces Proposed Investment and the Issue of Warrants
November 24,2010
Mr. Rich Morrow to appear on BNN Thursday morning
November 23,2010
MagIndustries Corp. Announces Closing Of Prospectus Offering
November 19,2010
Clarifying News Release
November 09,2010
MagIndustries Corp. Announces Terms of Equity Financing
November 08,2010
MagIndustries Announces Financing
October 26,2010
MagIndustries Announces Passage of Potash Investment Agreement Into Law in Republic of Congo
October 25,2010
MagIndustries Corp. Announces Management Changes
September 15,2010
MagIndustries Announces First Payment from Agreement with SNEL
September 02,2010
MagIndustries Update on Potash Investment Agreement with Republic of Congo
August 30,2010
MagIndustries Update on Proposed Transaction with COMPLANT
August 12,2010
MagIndustries Reports Huge Inferred Potash Resource on Makola Property
July 26,2010
MagIndustries Provides Update on Proposed Transaction with Complant
July 16,2010
MagIndustries Reports that Ship Loaders Were Damaged at the Eucalyptus Fibre Congo Operations in Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo
June 17,2010
AGM Voting Results Now Available
May 11,2010
MagIndustries Files Q1 Results and Announces Conference Call Details
April 19,2010
MagIndustries Announces Grant of Options
April 13,2010
MagIndustries Announces the Appointment of Chief Financial Officer
March 30,2010
MagIndustries Announces 2009 Financial and Operating Results and Filing of Annual Information Form
March 29,2010
MagIndustries 2009 Year-End Conference Call Notice
February 24,2010
MagIndustries Corp. Announces Closing of Prospectus Offering
February 19,2010
MagIndustries Receives Government Environmental and Social Approval for Mengo Potash Plant Construction
February 17,2010
MagIndustries Announces Terms of Equity Financing
February 15,2010
MagIndustries Corp. Receives Statement of Claim
February 09,2010
MagIndustries Announces Financing
February 01,2010
MagIndustries Signs Project Development Framework Agreement with COMPLANT
February 01,2010
MagIndustries Conference Call on PDF Agreement with Complant
January 07,2010
MagIndustries Provides Update of the Company's Activities
November 30,2009
MagIndustries Corp. Provides Business Update
November 06,2009
MagIndustries Acquires Potasse du Congo.
October 29,2009
MagIndustries Corp. Reports Extension of the MOU with Sinohydro Corporation.
October 27,2009
Presidential Visit to MagMinerals Potasses Congo Future Plant Site
September 30,2009
MagMinerals Potasses Congo - the First 11 Kilometers of Pipe for the Gas Pipeline Arrived in Pointe-Noire
September 29,2009
Visit MagEnergy at IPAD, Kinshasa, 6 to 8 October 2009 - Grand Hotel - Salon Congo - Booth 28
September 28,2009
TSX bulletin 2009-1206: MagIndustries to list on TSX Sept. 25
September 24,2009
MagIndustries Reports Progress Toward Closing Investment by Sinohydro
September 22,2009
MagIndustries to Commence Trading on Toronto Stock Exchange on Friday September 25, 2009
September 18,2009
MagIndustries Comments on Presidential Election and New Government in the Republic of Congo
August 31,2009
MagIndustries Corp. Announces the Completion of Due Diligence and Extension of Exclusivity Period
July 31,2009
MagIndustries Corp. Extends Exclusivity Period of Previously Announced Mou to August 31, 2009
July 03,2009
MagIndustries Corp. announces resignation of Chief Financial Officer
June 25,2009
MagIndustries Corp. announces closing of over-allotment option
June 22,2009
MagIndustries Corp. announces closing of prospectus offering
June 18,2009
MagIndustries Corp. provides update for closing of equity offering
June 15,2009
MagIndustries Corp. provides additional details regarding the memorandum of understanding with a strategic party and an update on equity financing
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June 12,2009
MagIndustries Corp. announces it has signed a memorandum of understanding with a strategic party
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June 11,2009
MagIndustries Corp. announces updated technical report and clarifies previous disclosure
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June 02,2009
MagIndustries Corp. Announces Terms of Equity Financing
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June 01,2009
MagIndustries Corp. Reports Q1 Financial Results
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June 01,2009
MagIndustries Corp. Announces Equity Financing
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June 01,2009
The Ministry of Tourism and Environment Signs the Minutes of the MagMinerals Potasses Congo Environmental & Social Impact Assessment
On June 11th, in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, the Ministry of Tourism and..... Read more
May 11,2009
MagIndustries Kouilou Potash Project Financing Update
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April 16,2009
MagIndustries Corp. Announces 2008 Year End Results
2008 was a pivotal year for MagIndustries as a number of key milestones were a... Read more
April 15,2009
MagIndustries 2008 year-end conf. call
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April 02,2009
MagIndustries’ Repurchases US$5.5 Million of its 11% Senior Unsecured Notes
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March 26,2009
MagIndustries’ Potash Subsidiary Signs Gas Agreement with ENI
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